Labrador retriever Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are a high spirited, very intelligent, happy-go-lucky and loyal dog breed that is very well suited for families. They have a friendly temperament and are adaptable to different environments which makes them easy to care for and safe for children to be around. Labradors will work hard to please their pack leader humans. They are very observant and good-humored and enjoy abundant affection.

Labradors are highly intelligent which is why they excel as show dogs and at dog sporting events. They are very happy outdoors and love to swim and play fetch games around water. This is because this breed is an instinctive hunter both on land and in water. The Labrador Retriever is trained and bred by sportsmen and breeders to work in the field for the purpose of retrieving game.

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A superior Labrador should be gifted with instinct to retrieve and strong, athletic and muscular body for endurance. Labrador Retrievers often times must be able to work in difficult terrain, swim in cold turbulent waters such as rivers, streams or tidal areas and be able carry downed birds for long distances. The Labrador should have a sturdy, compact body that is designed specifically for this purpose. Labradors also have a keen sense of smell. The characteristics of a Labrador Retriever makes them an ideal dog breed for hunting, police dogs, military dogs, rescue dogs and seeing eye dogs.

Labrador retriever Retrievers

Even though Labradors are a wonderful breed, you should carefully consider whether or not they are suited for your family, your needs and your lifestyle. Labradors need a lot of outdoor room to be happy. They require vigorous daily exercise to burn energy and stimulate their mind. There are also some characteristics about labs that simply do not compliment the needs of some dog owners.

For instance, while they are highly intelligent and very eager to learn, training a lab takes expertise and time. They don’t come from the litter programmed to your commands. Also, they are strong and even the medium size can make them hard to control and manage if they are not properly trained and socialized early on. Labradors are an outstanding dog breed that will make an excellent family pet. Give them the proper environment, training, love and affection and you will be rewarded with a wonderful pet and companion.

Labrador retriever Retrievers

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